Purchasing or selling properties is not an easy task and you might think it’s a task that you can do yourself and save the costs of a realtor. Frankly speaking, the commission of a real estate agent can be over 5% of the house’s selling price. Hold up though! Before you make this mistake in your life, we are here to help. 


Here are some reasons why hiring a realtor and simply telling them to “sell my house” is better than iron manning this endeavor.


1. A realtor can aid in preventing sentimental sales

If you’re selling your own house, it’s going to be an emotional task for you. All the sentiments connected to the house, the memories can be hard to let go of, because of this emotional turmoil, you may over-price your home, take offense of a low offer or even accept an offer less than the market value because of a rush. A real estate agent can save you from all that and handle the selling process professionally.


2. Real estate agencies provide you access to the market

One of the reasons you should hire a real estate agent instead of selling your house yourself is the access you will get to the market from the real estate agency. For example, an excellent real estate agency like Berwick Real Estate can help you access potential buyers. They will enter your house in their house listings, and as soon as someone searches Real Estate Near Berwick, your home will pop up and can be viewed by potential buyers country-wide.


3. Marketing skills

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t opt for real estate agencies is their costs. Although a fact many house owners do not consider is that real estate agencies can help sell your house for a higher amount than you would yourself. That additional amount is due to their expert marketing, selling, and negotiating skills that only comes through years of experience in this field. 


4. Additional benefits

Furthermore, a real estate agent can help with all of the legal work related to your house’s sale. They also aid in making you more visible to the potential buyers of your area whose agents only want to deal with professionals and not solo home sellers.


In a nutshell, hiring a realtor can help you sell your house faster, for a better price, and without the stress involved. With a real estate agency, selling your home would be a piece of cake.

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